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Zam Zam Attar – Al Thaqafah Attar/Perfumes


Zamzam attar is the inspiring uprising version of Oud(agarwood), derived from the essential concentrated oil of the agarwood with the glorious mix of others.

The fragrance of the charming ingredients rely on three notes, in a top note including the enchanting fragrance of bergamot, mint, and cress, the second classical, wonderful, pleasant redolence consists of lilies, iris, and white flowers, and the last hearty and earthy delighted notes are the finest fragrance of the valley of woods oud(agarwood), musky wood and apricot.

Zamzam’s fragrance is long-lasting and perfect for all your endeavors and the non-alcoholic property of AL-Thaqafah’ Zamzam attar makes it all a perfect and cool scent.


  • Brand- Al-Thaqafah
  • Origin- Arabic Culture
  • Skin type- All skin type
  • Fragrance- bergamot, mint, cress, lilies, iris, white flowers, agarwood, musky wood, apricot
  •  Quantity- 3ml, 6ml, 12ml
  • Quality- Very excellent

12ml, 6ml, 3ml


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