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Sundal Attar – Al Thaqafah Attar/Perfumes


Al-Thaqafah brings non-alcoholic pure historical Sundal attar/perfume tradition, the beautiful aromatic composition of Sundal perfume oil accentuated with the woody flavors of sandalwood, vetiver, drier, resin-like, balmy aromatic, and citrus.

The merger of the delicious redolence of emotion described as rich, earthy, exotic, and creamy, we blend all the love of aromas of the real original pure fragrance of sandalwood in every drop of its perfume.


  • Brand- Al-Thaqafah
  • Origin- Arabic Culture
  • Skin type- All skin type
  • Category- Attar/Perfume
  • Fragrance- Sandalwood of India and Sandalwood of Australia, spices, drier, vetiver, resin
  • Quantity- 3ml, 6ml, 12ml
  • Quality- Very excellent

This is recommended for both men and women

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Al-Thaqafah invents the secret of pure Arabic culture of Sundal attar/perfume which is taken from the wood of the tree of Sundal, the Sundal perfume oil is the concentrated essential oil derived by the process of steam distillation of chips and billet taken from the spices of various parts of sandalwood tree mainly ‘Santalum album wood tree( Indian sandalwood)’ and Santalum spectrum ( Australian sandalwood).


12ml, 6ml, 3ml


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