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Shamsa Super Attar – Al Thaqafah Attar/Perfumes


Al-Thaqafah presents you with the most amazing unique, non-alcoholic organic, natural high concentrated attar/perfume oil for all genders of the world. A good fragrance is a vital part of everyone’s life, sometimes these types of fragrances change your entire life by removing the sorrows and miserable moments of your life.

Shamsa Super attar/perfume has the bouquet of the mixed aroma of musk and vanilla, Shamsa is desert inspired sweet cologne, you can wear it as casual, I assure you that it will surely make your day.


  • Brand- Al-Thaqafah
  • Origin- Arabic Culture
  • Skin type- All skin type
  • Fragrance- Flowers, saffron, sweet-vanilla, musk
  • Quantity- 3ml, 6ml, 12ml
  • Quality- Very excellent

12ml, 6ml, 3ml


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