Al-Thaqafah Fancy perfume Bottles


AL-THAQAFAH is one of the leading online store of ATTAR/PERFUMES. AL-THAQAFAH introduces you to crystal clear, well-designed fancy perfume bottles. These beautiful and elegant empty bottles are available in the size of 3ml and 6ml.

The uniqueness is, these bottles are designed for both men and women to keep your scent sealed pack fresh for long-lasting effects.


  • Brand- AL-Thaqafah
  • Origin- Arabic Culture
  • Category- Attar/Perfume’s fancy bottles
  • Quality- The quality of every bottle is excellent
  • Available Sizes- 3ml and 6ml
  • Material- Good quality pure glass
  • Benefit- Keep your scent fresh for long-lasting performance
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6ml, 3ml


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