Dirham Attar – Al Thaqafah Attar/Perfumes


Al-Thaqafah deals exclusively with 100% pure authentic items sourced by the owner or
certified distributors. AL-Thaqafah carries an impressive selection of amazing floral scents
with appealing sophisticated smell. Al-Thaqafah presents Dirham attar/perfume to men to
show their pride in the way of success. Dirham is the velvety combination of different natural
substances like citrus, herbs and wood. Dirham will give a boost delightedly to your perfume
or scent collections by adding a little amount of it into your desired perfume. The long-lasting
and alcohol-free No Water or any other inexpensive fill quality makes you stress-free and
fresh and the supreme balance to all flavors may worth it for you.

● Brand- Al-Thaqafah
● Origin- Arabic Culture
● Category- Attar/Perfume
● Skin type- All skin type
● Fragrance- herbs, citrus, wood
● Quality- We promise Original and Best quality
● Quantity- 3ml/6ml/12ml

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12ml, 6ml, 3ml


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