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Escape (Women) Attar – Al Thaqafah Attar/Perfumes


Their expertise in creating perfume oils results in a product that is smooth, long-
lasting, rich and full of luscious aroma. A fragrance made for women who are not afraid
to show their abilities and confidence. Al-Thaqafah Escape is related to Women, this
fragrance is used by women who are attached to them and love them, they used this
fragrance with great enthusiasm. Escape opens its heart with the hint of marine scent and
spread the emotions of camomile, apple, lychee, mandarine, rose, plum and peach rolling
out with coriander and wood of sandal.
● Brand- Al-Thaqafah
● Origin- Arabic Culture
● Category- Attar/Perfume
● Skin type- All skin type
● Fragrance- marine scent, camomile, apple, lychee, mandarine, rose, plum, peach,
coriander, sandalwood
● Quality- We promise Original and Best quality
● Quantity- 3ml/6ml/12ml

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12ml, 6ml, 3ml


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