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Online organic halal foods are no more difficult to find in Pakistan. Al Thaqafah organic foods has brought to you amazing qualities of dates of your choices, super food such as Talbina, organic honey and more that keeps you fit and healthy. Explore them to know more about it. Also, explore the website to know about the organic food prices in Pakistan.


Dates are renowned as a superfood around the world. These fruits are abundant in vital minerals, vitamins, and fibre that help the body and mind in several ways. Dates are one of the most adaptable meals because they may be eaten either fresh from the palm tree when they are collected, or dried and preserved for a long period.

Benefits of Ajwa dates

Protection from the Heart diseases

Ajwa dates help to strengthen the heart and improve cardiac function by preventing blood vessels from contracting. Simply the presence of Vitamin B, which plays a crucial role in the elimination of hazardous amounts of homocysteine in blood, confirms the heart advantages of ajwa dates. The magnesium in these dates aids in keeping the rhythm of the heart. Buy organic foods such as dates today!

Help Boost Calcium in Body

Ajwa dates are high in calcium and phosphorus, both of which support strong bones and teeth. One of the health benefits of ajwa dates is preventing calcium deficiencies. These dates are a superfood for bolstering bones and warding off severe illnesses thanks to the considerable amounts of minerals they contain.

Controls Diabetes

Natural sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose, which are abundant in dates, give people instant energy. Ajwa dates are advantageous for diabetics since they have a low Glycemic Index, which means consuming them does not significantly raise blood sugar levels.

Helps in Boosting Up the Immunity

Ajwa dates are a great source of antioxidants. It may also be able to prevent cancer because it contains selenium and other vital elements. Ajwa dates are a healthy addition to your diet that will help your body’s immune system function properly. Also, it boosts the body’s immunity and aids in the prevention of numerous illnesses.

Benefits of Qalami dates

Due to their high fibre, mineral, and vitamin content, kalmi dates may help in controlling blood sugar levels and preventing constipation and diabetes. Kalmi dates are a great addition to your diet and fitness regimen since they are sweet, nutrient-dense, and excellent for your heart.

Benefits of Talbina

Al Thaqafah organic foods include talbina.

Talbina has soluble and insoluble fibre that will benefit the colon or digestive system and the health of the gut. Talbina’s barley provides nutrients including calcium, magnesium, and zinc that strengthen bone structure. Young children and the elderly who are still growing should maintain a solid bone structure. Breakfast with Talbina barley has a low glycaemic index and is suitable for patients with diabetes. Also, because it contains the mineral magnesium, it decreases insulin and blood sugar levels, protecting you from type 2 diabetes.  Talbina’s necessary minerals keep people of all ages active throughout the day, including students, workers, athletes, children, and adults.

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