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Classic attar are our forever favorite.

Exotic flowers, wood, resin, and spices make this variety of attar special. Classic attar act as aphrodisiacs and medicines in addition to the extensive use as perfumes. Also, they  increase body temperature. Many people  favor warm Ittars in the winter, like those made of saffron, musk, and amber. Buy classic attar online from Al Thaqafah website and enjoy the amazing fragrance.

Afshan Attar/Perfume

Afshan is a classic oriental attar with a seductive aura of floral and spicy elements. Sharp hues of fresh herbs dominate the mixture. Also, they progressively become weaker, exposing the variety of tree agar framing sounds and their maturing pleasant tones. Its top note is floral, middle note is spicy, and base Note of Woody and Ambery. Buy online classic attar now!

Al Faris Attar/ Perfume

Al Faris Attar is one of the most loved fragrances in Pakistan. Its Top Notes are Oud Wood and Musk. It has Middle Notes of Peppery and spice and Base Notes ofFloral and aldehydic. Undoubtedly, it is a stunning, elegant perfume filled with an exceptional scent that captures the power and richness of the fragrance. Jasmine, rose, woody notes, musk, and spices are all together in a sweet and spicy way in this perfume. Verily, it is one of the most special and expensive scents. Without a second thought, its fragrance amazes all the people around you.

Al Haramain Attar/ Perfume

Al Haramain perfumes has been gradually releasing a delectable assortment of creamy oriental scents under the Amber Oud series. Equally important,  Al Haramain Amber Oud is already a part of this remarkable collection. Due to the fragrance’s complexity and sweetness, it can fit in a range of events and gatherings. It begins with prominent saffron top notes and a hint of floral embellishments. Rich amber wood and a hint of ambergris create a sweet and salty combination in the heart of the flavour. The base smells warm and inviting thanks to the agarwood, coupled with a few carefully selected woodsy notes like fir and cedar. This scent is simple to appreciate whenever and wherever!

Al Sahirah attar/perfume

Al-Thaqafah introduces Al Sahirah to an incredible concoction of priceless aromas, including rose, floral, wood, spices, powdered sweet-scented amber davana blooms, bergamot, and some rich fruity hue. Also, Al-Sahirah Al-Arab attar’s quality effect and scent evoke a deep sense of pleasure with the day that has passed; they are soothing and delightful, and they make your hopes for tomorrow appear to be the sun’s beams themselves. Ironically, the brilliant aroma of Al-Sahirah is a promised gift in and of itself, bringing with it the brightness of serenity and a promise for tomorrow. Buy classic attar today!

Ayesha attar/perfume

The main note of several fruits, such as grapefruit, lemon, and oranges, as well as honey, play the fragrance-full role in the creation of Ayesha attar. Also, it is the White musk, Sandals, Cedar, and vanilla extract that  creates this amazing fragrance. Buy online classic attar from Al  Thaqafah!

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