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Online Special Attar in Pakistan

  • Al Badr Attar (480 – 1,440).
  • Aziziya Attar (480 – 1,440).
  • Mukhalat Oud Attar (1,200 – 3,600).
  • Amber Oudh Attar (1,300 – 4,200).
  • Aqua Oud Perfume  (700 – 2,100).
  • Musk of Makkah (700 – 2,100).

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1) Al Badr attar/perfume

The fragrance Al-Badar attar/perfume has a very distinctive and hypnotizingly woodsy aroma. Rose, Lavender, Amber, and Woody Musk are the primary notes in Al-Badar attar and perfume. Al-Badar attar/perfume has no alcoholic effects, therefore you can wear it both during prayer and in any events or gathering. It quickly transforms into a duet of roses and oud, and the base notes uplift the spirit of dignity, which may elevate the personality. It will quickly give you a calm, cool feeling and will keep you fresh with its amazing fragrance. Buy online special attar in Pakistan from Al Thaqafah today!

2) Aziziya attar/perfume

The Aziziya attar will transport you to a realm filled with enchanted scents! Your mind will wander to a garden of exotic and mystical flowers as a result of Aziziya’s floral notes, which will also relieve you of all your day’s stress and hassle. It is used both by man and woman, making it one of the most selected attar or perfume.

3) Mukhalat Oud attar/perfume

Mukhalat Oud attains its amazing fragrance from bergamot, geranium, and middle and base notes include the touchy scents of white flower and rose. Perfume Mukhalat Oud has the fragrance of pleasant aromatic odour of various natural ingredients prepared under the eye of expertise. Al-Thaqafah introduces you to a remarkable fusion of priceless aromas, including rose, blossom, wood, spices, and powdery sweet-scented amber.

4) Amber Oudh attar/perfume

Buy special attar Online in Pakistan- Amber Oudh is a blend of unique elements used in fragrances and attars that are meant to inspire tenderness and beauty. All the elements can benefit from the aroma’s adaptability due to its warmth and freshness. Famous concentrated Amber Oufh attar is a safe alternative to alcohol fragrance. Also, it is packaged in a clear glass bottle with lovely decorations. For convenience, the dabber is linked to the cap, making it really easy to use and handy. This real perfume is of high quality, has a longer shelf life, and is incredibly beautiful and soulful.

5) Aqua Oud perfume

The richness in Aqua Oud perfume brought  out of the agarwood from the Aquilaria tree is brought out by the exquisite blending of citrus notes with hints of Russian coriander and Haitian amyris wood. Today, in order to fill your day with goodness, try the warm scent of Aqua Oud. All skin types are suitable for Al-attar/perfume which has a fragrance of citrus, agarwood, Russian coriander, and Haitian Amytis wood. It is suitable for both men and women. You can get it from Al Thaqafah in three quantities that are- 3ml/6ml/12ml.

6) Musk of Makkah

You will be able to smell the mystic aroma all around you and all thanks to the sandal scent of the Musk of Makkah! It persists for a while and adds a distinctive aspect to your clothing. Grab a bottle of Musk-e-Makkah now or give it to a friend or family member.

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