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We all love attars and perfumes and many of us cannot go without it even for a single day! If you are also an attar/perfume lover then buy attar online from Al Thaqafah to be sure of quality and enjoy the soulful fragrances. Know about the latest attar prices in Pakistan and choose the best one! If you are unsure about using attar or perfume then know about the benefits and give it another thought!.

Al-Thaqafah Attar Prices in Pakistan:

  • Al Faris Attar – (240 – 700).
  • Al Haramain Attar – (320 – 1,260).
  • Al Badar Attar – (480 – 1,440).
  • Afshan Attar – (200 – 800).
  • Ghilaf e Kaaba Attar Original – (600 – 1,800)
  • Ambar Oud Attar – (1,300 – 4,200).
  • Ameer ul Oud Attar – (600 – 1,800).
  • Aziziya Attar – (480 – 1,440).
  • Bakhur al Haram Attar – (240 – 720) …..etc

Benefits of using Perfume or Attars

The aroma is essentially therapeutic

The aroma of attar created from essential oils can enchant you and draw others’ attention to you. When you open the bottle of packed attar,  the sweet oil aroma helps you and others around you to breathe easier. Flowers, spices, wood, and other components of the attar contribute to these relaxing effects that work magic. These organic substances calm the human mind and aid in the treatment of conditions like headaches, sadness, and stress.

It elevates mood and fights depression

The effects of various fragrances of attar and  perfumes on a person’s mood vary to a great extent. This is the theory behind why people use fragrance when attending events like parties and dates, among other things. Your brain is profoundly affected by your favourite scents. It has been established that these smells pass through your brain, changing brain waves and signals to lower cortisol levels, which control memory, metabolism, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure as well as other stress-related issues. Attar aromas have such a profound impact on the brain and emotions that they have a significant impact on how you carry yourself. Simply pick a smell that you enjoy and that resonates with your inner emotional self. It suffices to put on your favourite, most comfortable smell to make you feel confident.

Hence, a right fragrance not only elevates your mood but also boosts your confidence and be the star of any show.

They are good for nature!

Attars are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Well, we can not be sure of all perfumes but many attar contain natural elements that are good for nature. Also, attars are non-alcoholic, which makes them good to use at any occasion. Attars are undoubtedly pure fragrance oils made from plants, herbs, and spices. They are applied directly to the skin or on clothing because they are heavy oils and cannot be sprayed.

It can be helpful if you suffer from bad headaches

Numerous essential oils have a reputation for reducing headache frequency. For instance, the most effective treatment for headache relief is peppermint oil. The most typical conditions it is used to treat include headaches and migraines. Menthol, which can relax muscles and lessen pain, is the key ingredient. Lavender, chamomile, rosemary, eucalyptus, and other potent oils are also useful. The good thing is that many attar have these elements and thus can help in curing bad headaches. If you have made up your mind to try one now, you can buy attar online in Pakistan from Al Thaqafah!

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